We are working on new partnerships in the community. We have begun a new partnership with a nonprofit: The Mended Network

We see many of the needs of our communities as an opportunity to be more than just a company that provides a quality service. We are pledging up to 10% of our profits to help grow this organization.

We use only qualified subcontractors

We can say that we know our people as well as anyone can. We know them personally and have no problem vouching for them. It is about relationship isn't it.

I stand behind them and guarantee your satisfaction. INTEGRITY is not a lost word here at RA Gattis Services.

We are excited about 2020.

This year will prove to be our greatest year in business!

New products in our industry from insulation products to innovation in energy saving design are at the forefront of our strategy for sales and investment into the future.

Come join us in seeking out the best alternatives for you!!